Time I posted my car...........

I know it’s a little bling but hey! (Will’s ) Ohlin’s yet to fit, 4 pot brakes and a set of VolK TE-37’s…then I’m done!








Pretty damn cool Jonny… did kinda miss-read your number plate first time round though


Thank you V much David I guess it’s a play on speed, all the good JON’s had gone

Looks great

I like the towing eye, is that the Sector111 one?

Zorst looks great.

Any interior changes?

Looks great

Hey Damon, yep Sector 111 same with the Craftsman Mirrors. I like the zorst allot and the fact it’s been no problem is a load off! A little issue which I worked with and help as always from Jim, it’s all cool. I worked out that the Q/S system cost me �1645 in labour alone with the problems I had I should really drop it now…I’m moving on everyday

Oh and just harnesses & bar, outside and performance first…hiding the inside… BUSTED

How quick did Jim turn around your system?

I didn’t really chase tbh but maybe 6 weeks, I’d ordered it stage 2 to fit onto Q/S manifold. That was never going to happen, there own Q/S zorst doesn’t even fit so sent it back after 3 days and Jim turned it around within 6 days changing it to a GT3 suppling manifold and eliminator kit as well. He told me he’d spoken to you…we discussed your ebay purchase

Best call him tomorrow then, got some beta code ready soon

lol heard you were up to something, are you getting a manifold as well Damon? The eliminator kit is bang on mate…excellent purchase, real quality looking

Looks good mate…for an S2

GT3 suppling manifold and eliminator kit as well.

How easy is the manifold to fit, I am tempted to get one of Jim’s but it is grief for me as I have one of his early sports cats that isn’t bolted together so I need to send it back to him for modification.

Looks fantastic

Love the number plate

Humbled guys thanks!

Ade yep good needed a little alterration by the driveshaft�s but I believe Jims on it…compared to the Q/S 421 it’s a breeze…great piece of kit mate.

Looks very nice jon fairplay, like the cheeky skull and cross aswell

Looks amazing…


Brakes & Hoses!

Hi Jonny,
Im looking to get some Team Dynamics wheels, what sizes, offsets and tyres did you get. I have contacted a few companies and they have all suggested different sizes! Some have gone larger ie 7x16 front and 8x17 rears both with 25 offsets. Some have said 7x16 front and 7.5x17 rear with a 30 front and 26 offset to the rear! All have gone with T1-R 195 front and 225 rear. Just dont want to get wrong size and get the wheels rubbing on the arches, so any comments/advice from where/what you got would be really useful!


PM’d Dave. Hanger 111 should answer all your questions, good people.