Time Attack Knockhill report *now with video clip*

Thought I’d post up, reporting back from my 2nd Time Attack event which was held at Knockhill, Scotland over the weekend.

Well we left home on Thursday night after work and picked the car up from Scuffers early Friday morning, who had given the car a once over after its maiden outing at Oulton. All was well and we headed off up to Scotland.

After a nice drive up through all the hills we reached our destination with enough time to properly set up and fire up the barbie for dinner. Anyway, what a place!!! The view across the back of the circuit is amazing, going way past the Forth bridge and towards Edinburgh and armed with a few cans of lager, we walked out and then around the track to see what it was like. Very technical with kerbs, bumps, gradient changes and off-camber corners galore. And the straights were much, much longer then I expected and up hill. It looked like lots of fun but I wasn’t sure how my car would cope with the bumps. The long hilly straights were also a worry when thinking about how much power the Supras had at their disposal.

Saturday. I had 6x 10 minute sessions to learn the track which wasn’t enough. I was able to learn it but had no time to work out how to go fast as there were so many options available regarding lines. Anyway, at least it allowed me to see what some of the opposition was like. Barbie, beer and early to bed it was.

Sunday. First practice. Wet and I went round rather slowly with a 1.01 something. Around 3 or 4 seconds off the pace. Not good!!

Second practice, new tyres. Something clicked and I started to get quicker. Think I went straight down to a late 56 second lap, but I was still a bit off the pace.

Qually. Struggled to get heat into the tyres and went for a fast lap too early. I came through the chicane too fast, with a bad line and carried straight on into the gravel. I managed not to spin but it dented my confidence a little and my lap time worsened from practice. I then buzzed the engine going from 3rd to 2nd to make matters worse, so lets hope the engine isn’t damaged. The session was then cut short when some mentalist ran across the circuit. I thought it was a marshall who knew what he was doing, as it happened in front of me flat out in fifth gear coming up to the hairpin!!

A quick check of the car followed and all was o.k. Time for the final then and time to grow some [Censored] and attack the kerbs as I was being much more conservative than the other drivers. This time we had lots of room to get a clear lap in as they split the group into two. I went out and did a couple of laps to warm the tyres, followed by a couple of fast laps. Then did a cool down lap followed by another couple of fast ones. This yielded the best times as the 888’s go off very, very quickly indeed. I came in not knowing how I’d done but knew it was better than before. I parked up and a brisk walk up to the timing room followed. Nooooooooooooooooo!!! I was pipped to 1st by 0.045 of a second with a 56 dead!!! Sorry to let the side down guys. The Supra that beat me just had too much of an advantage up the steep straights for me to overcome that day. However, I’m sure I can get into the low 54’s with more time.

So, all in all a great weekend for me with much fun had. And again, the car ran perfectly and felt brilliantly composed on a very twisty and bumpy track. I didn’t even adjust a single thing all weekend and am really loving the way all my new parts have improved the way it behaves. Roll on Brands on 27th June when I’m going to show the Supras a thing or two (Hopefully)

Jonny in his S2 Exige unfortunately had problems with his oil filter coming loose and had to pull out.

Steve G in his Audi Elise easily took 2nd in Pro Class and looked extremely fast, but again looking at the speed traps I’d imagine the winning Evo with well over 1000bhp was too fast up the straights to catch.

That’s it for now.


That’s a great result, you should be well pleased. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see you as we were there on Friday lunchtime having a look at the circuit. It looked very challenging so that’s am impresive result for your first visit.

3rd is a great result for your first time at Knockhill, guess you got your splitter sorted.
Looking forward to when you come to Cadwell

Great result, & excellent reportage there Jamie - well done, & thanks :sunglasses:

Thanks for taking the time to post that - good read.
it’s a long drive up there from darn sarf but worth it :slight_smile:

[quote=Mikespeed]3rd is a great result for your first time at Knockhill, guess you got your splitter sorted.
Looking forward to when you come to Cadwell [/quote]

Woops, meant to say pipped to 1st, so I got 2nd. Were you there to see me fly off the track then? Splitter has gravel rash but that’s about it luckily.

Well done dude!!!

What time did Steve G and the winner in the Pro class do out of interest?

Think Steve did a 51.9 and the winning Evo 51.3. Quite fast for road legal tyres. To put it into perspective BTCC qually times on slicks are around 54.

Well done again Jamie.

Well done Jamie - I’ll try and get down to cheers you on at Brands next month.

Well done, also I will try to make Brands in June.

Well done Jamie :sunglasses:

Link to a video of a lap from the day. You’ll probably be able to see how much more time there is to be made up around there because let’s be honest, I’m still being a big girl.


Must resist !!! - lovely supercharger noise !!!

Enjoyed watching that Jamie - looked well driven to me, but I’m just an old tart! :smiley:

Fixed that for you!

Looking good thanks for the write up and posting the video ~ I’ve never seen KH so empty of cars on track

Cheers. It looks empty because our finals were split into two, meaning only 10 or so cars out at once.

Yeah well done Jamie - I wasn’t really in the mood to hang around when the rain came so just buggered off with the car looking very sorry for itself. We got it sorted the next day though and its seems to be fine - we bought two new rear tyres after the others got covered in oil when the oil filter went, one of which exploded on me on the tuesday which wasn’t much fun!

Hopefully that is all the bad luck out of the way now. Looking at the TSL timing sheet is quite amazing - some of the guys in my group were over 30mph quicker than me at the timing gates, even though their average lap speed was only 1mph faster - I need a bigger engine!


Glad to see you got it sorted. Bet you’re glad you went up with a trailer.

I may well have broken something in my engine with a shift from 3rd to 2nd instead of 4th in qually. We reckon it probably went north of 11,000 rpm!!! Ouch. We’re having a look Tuesday for anything lying in the sump and changing the conrod bolts in the hope that it will live to fight another day.

I know what you mean about needing a larger engine!!!The Supras I’m up against are silly fast on the straights. Also, I’ve now only got to be too fast for my group once more before I get moved up a class, where I’ll get royaly shafted by the even higher power/more expensive machinery. This winter may well see my engine being kitted out with a turbo instead of the charger to give me some more power.