I see Gold Track have a track day at Thruxton on Wednesday 26th March. Quite fancy the circuit (2.4 miles and no straights!) and track days there seem to be a rarity.

The noise limit is simply quoted as “road car day” whatever that means. I presume as my Exige is completely standard that I shouldn’t have a noise problem but I’d have to speak with them first to be sure.

Anyone driven Thruxton and have any thoughts on the place?

Yup, Thruxton is a rarity - but a great fast flowing circuit.

Ideal for the Exige I would have thought.

Anymore info on prices etc.

Open pit lane format. Track open 0900-1700. Price quoted on the main page is �249. Delve a bit deeper and it becomes “from �249” whatever that means. I’ve emailed them asking for more info on noise levels.

This is my local circuit too. Let me know when you get a reply, I’d like to do it but I’ve got a Sport Exhaust.

Didn’t get a reply to my enquiry so I’ll give them a call later. I suspect it’ll be a no-no as my car with a standard exhaust was registering 96db at 3/4 throttle at Goodwood. A mate who worked for Bookatrack thinks that’s way too high for Thruxton

Spoke with the organisers. 90db is the limit