Throttle Pedal Linkage

Can anyone tell me the correct combination for the linkage of the throttle pedal, mine currently has the screw facing upwards with the metal washer then a plastic washer in-between the two bits of metal. Then the plastic bearing and the other plastic washer with the nut on the end of the screw!It keeps on falling apart at the moment and I have done it up tightly! Just wonder how all of yours are done up, luckily it has only fallen apart when doing slow speeds on small roads otherwise I would have probably crashed it by now.CheersPeter

Yep the bolt is facing upwards, probably a good idea to turn it round the other way !!

This is a common problem. I’m told there is a new version of the linkage which has a lock nut to prevent it unscrewing itself. I’m waiting for more information. Does anybody else out there know anything about this?

I was describing a problem with excessive play at the top of the Throttle with about an inch of float. A quick look underneath and sure enough all the first inch of pedal travel was doing was to twist the bracket linkages. Same basic problem loose locknut…Locknut is a bit of a generous description as well, and I can see it all coming loose again.All in all a rather crappy bit of tinwork -looks more of an afterthought.Unfortunately I don�t think I have gained any more throttle opening now that would have been a result…I will post a Jpeg of how mine is all assembled and maybe someone can tell me if I have the later assembly.

Can anyone think of any reason why I cannot replace the bolt and nut with a large split pin?!I am getting fed up with having to tighten the nut up every week or so!Maybe it is the way I drive [image][/image]

Nick Whale’s recently fitted the new linkage thingy on my car. It has two nuts which lock together to stop them unscrewing. They did the job f.o.c. (presumably under warranty). So far so good [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by X46NNO:Can anyone think of any reason why I cannot replace the bolt and nut with a large split pin?!You don’t need to go to the trouble of drilling the thread. Like Brendan says, you can just add a second nut and tighten the two against each other. It only costs 1p and is very easy and effective. I did it on mine a while ago and it’s been fine since. [image][/image]