Throttle "delay"

Seem to have a slight problem with what can onlt be described as a delay when you press the accelerator … it only happens every now and then but I can imagine that every now and then in the wet or on a circuit could mean a spin every now and then [image][/image] as the throttle position is where your foot is when it decides to work again.Damned annoying, any one else had this ? -

A few members have had problems with the throttle not fully opening. IIRC someone has had the throttle bodies replaced under warranty.Sounds as if you may have a similar problem, particularly if the throttle operation is “sticking”. I’d pop back to the dealer & get them to check it out, as obviously something is amiss [image][/image]

Is this a problem most of us have forgotten about, I wonder.Are you running 177 bhp with the control valve still fitted? Before I (and most others!) had the 190 upgrade and the valve removed my car often seemed hesitant, particularly when running on a light throttle in traffic and then opening up. Having the valve removed does the trick.Apologies if I’m teaching granny to suck eggs here but just thought I’d mention it.RegardsMike

Think Mike may have hit it right on the nailx

MikeThanks any advice is always welcome and I’m still very new to this !! - I’m still running 177bhp ( still thinking about which way to go but tending to think head job, Emerald, adjustable pulleys and breather kit )However the resonator valve is gone so …But I will check the sticking as Pesky suggests and well I know the upgrade will solve everything [image][/image] anyhow [image][/image]Tell you what though - I drove one Exige on test and it sounded really strangled, mine sounds very much different and picks up again at about 6800 - 7800 and flies - normal ?

Miniman, I’m much in the same position, running the standard 177, looking at upgrades. Might be good if we can look at all the options together, perhaps we can get a better deal for two upgrades?

Insane-DJSounds good !! - my e-mail address is [email protected] can forward contact details that wayAndrew

An outside chance, but a couple of people have had mechanical slack in the throle bracket under the dash, this does not sound like the problem you mention but you might want to give it a check, as any mechanical slop will not help.