Throttle body pressure balance

whats the best piece of kit for balancing throttle bodies

Do you need a test kit with 4 gauges or do you messure them 1 at a time
point me in the right direction please

I can remember a post by Mike Lane many moons ago…now he’s back he may be able to share more info that that

probably catching up, he’s got a lot of reading to do

There is a post of mine giving full details - try a search, and if no luck repost!!

Assume you have other TB’s than the original Titans right?

If so, Demon Thieves has a very nice one that fits in the trumpet.

unfortunately I have to use the standard ones for racing in the production class

you don’t happen to remember the subject title/how long ago do you

It was all about having too weak a mixture on one side leading to red hot inlet manifold pipes - scary !!

this any good

No, that’s not the one…

It is called a synchrometer

Here is one on eBay, with a piccie


unfortunately I have to use the standard ones for racing in the production class

But unless they have individual throttle balancing screws like Jenveys you’re not going to get a good result.
Have you seen what sort of adjustment you have in the Titans? only one screw to balance the left and right pairs.

Yes, get a synchrometer by all means, but don’t think it’ll be perfect. For best results (at idle at least) keep the IACV

Uldis is right - you use the screw to get the best results you can - but unless you are lucky they will not be perfect…

The main thing is to not have one cylinder too lean - that leads to overheating

thanks guys

would it be better to get a 4 channel digital synchrometer?

A simple synchrometer is the best tool, make sure you balance the overall airflow between twin bodies. If you have the stock TBs there is no provision for balancing between the two barrels on a single twin TB. a piece of hose and a trained ear can be as good as a meter. If you have Jenveys, then close the individual balance screws before blancing the bodies, then use the individual balance trim screws to even them out if there are discrepancies. With Jenveys you should be drawing around 5kg/min through each barrle at idle.


Thanks Dave,

Engine Still in pieces, but thought it might be a good idea to put things in place before I got to that stage

Mr Andrews is the expert here!!

Hi Dave - hows things in the K series world?

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