Throttle blipping on change down on 350 Sport

Have Lotus removed the throttle blip on change down on the 350 Sport, I have noticed that the V6 S has this function. Have Lotus removed this from the throttle mapping for the 350 Sport?

No idea but, it’s what you foot is for! Heal and toe is a big part of the fun. Pedals are perfectly placed on an S1, not too bad on an S2, no idea for an S3!

Do you mean auto blip?

You can heal and toe no problem in all the v6 cars (V6s up to 430). It requires a really definite throttle stab and I had slightly modify my foot position. It is certainly easier in the earlier cars though

Engine trickier than the four pots as it’s a bit lazy, but you’ve just got to grab it a bit more by the scruff of the neck.

If you double pedal for more than 1sec you will drop throttle as a safety feature, but stabbing on down change isn’t an issue.

Yes ‘auto blip’ sounds right aids in giving revs on down shift to smooth changes.

Auto blip was never a feature on the v6. Some fitted aftermarket blippers, but I know of a at least one case when lotus refused warranty after it caused an overrev

This is what Komotec used to sell

The IPS Exige blips on downshift, but don’t ever remember it being fitted to the manual version.

Ah that’s probably where I’ve got it from the IPS system versions.