Thoughts of light restoration of Exige S1

Hi All,

I’ve had my S1 for many years now (since Sept 2006) used as my daily drive until 2019 and I think its time to get a light restoration done on it (i.e. not a full nut and bolt strip down!), ideally paint job, deep clean, new hoses, suspension refresh. I believe the mechanicals are all good.

Any recommendations on companies offering such a service for sensible money, ideally near to Gloucestershire?



Hello @Turby
Thanks very much for visting this neck of the woods.

Firstly what a car you have there!

In your neck of the woods ( ish ) is Dan over at HPE. Dan is a long time friend but I have also had work done by him and found his pricing affordable and he was good and attentive at what he does

A bit further afield are my local guys over at seriouslylotus. They are also affordable and have a keen eye for detail. They are near Hull mind so kind of stretch the definition of near to.

Thanks again for posting. Please feel free to start a thready in the ownes section should you feel the need to Owners Cars -

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Whatever you do, don’t remove your door seals!! The new ones that Lotus supply are much thicker foam, and will create a huge issue on rebuild.#

Good effort using it as a daily for nearly 13 years!!