Thoughts and Advice

I have noted the last few outings that the car wants to (and has) stall.

Most notable:
Very hot day last year, car in sun all day. Started and left running while I talked to someone. Stalled twice when pulling away and needed more revs to pull away.
Long motorway run, came off at a junction and slowing to stop, the revs dropped quickly and I had to blip the throttle to hold it from stalling.
Last week I went to Supercar Fest. When driving the car seems fine but when in a traffic queue it occasionally wants to stall, revs dropping low and I have to hold it with some revs.

Other times it seems fine, drops to a tick over as normal but quite a few times I need to hold it from dipping too low with revs.
Have also noted it occasionally seems to want more revs to pull away from a stand still.

I changed the battery before Supercar Fest hoping this would cure the problem, it hasn’t.
Next week as part of it’s service I will change the plugs (4yrs old).

I have some throttle body/carb cleaner. I’m thinking of cleaning the TB this weekend - saturate a clean cloth and wipe it round.
Will be checking the intake for air leaks.

Anything else you guys could suggest?

You’re on the right track, just need to rule everything out as you go because it could be any one of fuelling, electrics or air/vacuum.

I had this issue for ages on my Exige when it was totally standard, and part of the reason for going down the aftermarket ECU route was to eliminate it. I eventually did after going EMU black and new injectors to run more power.

Some years later I return the car to standard and sell it on, new owner gets the original injectors tested and finds that one is just vomiting fuel out. Replaced them, and car runs a treat - no more stalls and he reckons it pulls harder than ever before.

Do the inexpensive/service items for now like plugs, clean TB/MAF etc. Give the coils an inspection because they can degrade and crack over time.

If you have an option to get injectors cleaned/tested locally, probably worth a go if you’re still struggling.


MAF is a good shout to clean as well and I’ll check the coils.

I did a Google and found someone in the States with the same problems, cleaning the TB cured it. The butterfly valve was showing some dirt, causing the problems.