This sounds well

Any idea of the exhaust?

Lotus Exige S2 2007 - YouTube

Too loud for track?

BOE Side exit?

Does sound good with a crackle on gear change.

Not convinced its a side exit.
I present exhibit A

Ah, was watching on my mobile, so hard to see but does sound like a BOE.
Perhaps a 7" box with decat

Sounds NA too, I always think that helps with a good exhaust tone.

Looking at their other video it could be a larini clubsport. Supercharged Exige S with Larini ClubSport first test - YouTube

Oh! detective work. I didnt think of looking at the other videos :clap: :clap:

Also not an NA it seems :blush:

The Larini’s certainly seem to have the most character from what I’ve seen out in the wild, at least of the ‘off the shelf’ options. They do also seem to have their fair share of issues avoiding black flags too though :cry:

This is my primary concern. I want to din, but not too much to cause me a black flag. My signature hangar 111 sounds like a jet fighter and is relatively quiet when pressing on.

You can just about hear it over the beancans behind

Exige Blyton - YouTube

It’s such a bloody lottery too, spend out all that money on a new system, then spend out on a trackday only to get blackflagged on your first hot lap :laughing:

I know you can get sound tested in advance, but they’re hardly scientific and I seem to have huge sways of sound level on different days. Luckily my Exige is well within most limits but I had big problems on my Subaru.

What exhaust are you running [mention]Fonzey[/mention] ?

OEM manifold, OEM-style (but not OEM) cat and 2bular 8" box, literally the biggest backbox that’ll fit… and saying it fits is a stretch, as it fouls both the undertray and the numberplate plinth. :unamused:

The second video is entitled “Supercharged Exige S with Larini ClubSport first test” so that kinda gives the game away :slight_smile:.

When I got my Exige it came with a stage 2 single tip, loads of drone but the pops and bangs were epic. The booming drone was tiresome, so sold it.
After 12months 2bular finally delivered (the wrong box) so sold it on principle of never using them again.
Now have, if I remember correctly, a Larrini single exit. Terribly bland noise.

I had a Larini Clubsport on my S2 260, took it to Croft to get it tested and was over 103dB, when it popped on the overrun it hit about 115dB so no way was it going on track, I ended up putting the standard exhaust back on which measured 89dBish

< scratch that from list >

Larini was great on full chat but like has been said the drone on the motorway was horrendous, so much so I used to wear ear plugs. I have a 2bular switchable system on the v6 which is fantastic

You after a new back box Andy?

I don’t know TBH! I want more noise , but not anti track friendly. I think!

I spent a lot to keep mine quiet enough for a quiet day at Donny, second session in was black flagged for the SC whine on the pit straight, the marshal said it was a first for them and allowed me to carry on for the rest of the day blaming it on wind direction and not being the exhaust!