This month's EVO

Just got my copy in the post this morning. Don’t know if they’re in the newsagents yet?

It contains the promised Exige2 review and compares it with the S1.

I’ll let the rest of you take this one forward.

Yes, And please nobody post the verdict until the majority has read the article

For those who have not seen the mag yet, I wont give the game away The S2 is obviously a great car, but the question is will Lotus only attract the S1 owner by going down the aftermarket route, like they did with the S2 190 M’Sport Elise
I for one would not be impressed ‘having’ to by the standard car and then spending another shedload of hard earned to get the car I want Maybe that’s why Lotus are being coy?
Still, Toyota apparrently have an approved supercharger conversion available now, & Autocar still list a V6 Elise for summer
Could be an interesting few months, I’m saving up already

Jest remember that Gavan Kershaw fella could pedal my bed faster around Hethel than I could my Exige…

Just read it. Very interesting.

Only one of their short Driven reviews (with a brief S2 vs S1 article). I expect we’ll see it again in a group test at some point.

Anybody want to know?


I appears that even the journlists agree that S1 was/is an icon. Understandable that lotus would correct their mistakes from the first model and make a better complete car second time around.

I feel that they may have designed a better handling car but it’s lost something important in the process - it appears to have lost it’s edge and sheer rawness.

On looks a girl would choose a S2 over an S1, and all boys/men love track days and that’s where a car names Exige belongs.

Looking forward to when a dealer gets hold of one to test drive the truth will be told then…

Blue Lotus…
Haven’t been able to get a copy of EVO yet, but this girl would never, never let her husband swop our S1 for an S2 …but could swop my husband for one !!

On looks a girl would choose a S2 over an S1

Personally I think looks wise everyone would choose the S1
My girlfriend said the new one looks boring

Now is it my good looks and personality shes attracted to then…
Or just the car

Robbo I agree it’s just not (good looking, let alone) radical enough. I’ve seen Porsche & Ferrari drivers looking in their rear view mirrors and stepping aside sensibly; when they see a Exige S1 coming up behind them, can’t see the same instinctive response upon seeing a S2.

Haven’t seen Evo yet, but just got back from the Top Gear day with about 19 different Elise variants, including the new Exige. Great day, lovely people and very interesting results. The S2 may not be as curvaceous as the S1, but does that mean to say it’s any less fun on the tack? What’s important? Electric windows and central locking, or increased performance and a six-speed gearbox? The S2 has all of these and more.

Personally, I love my Exige and would never change - but I can definately see the attraction of the S2 to a new Lotus owner.

‘increased performance and a six-speed gearbox? The S2 has all of these and more.’

Sandra, please explain with similar bhp + 100kg increase in weight how performance can be increased? never mind that hideous, ineffectual rear wing

Hi Simon,

Regarding the rear wing, are you talking about looks or performance? By increased performance I meant that it went faster round the track than the S1.

Hi Sandra,

Out of interest, what was the spec of the S1? 190? Pagids?

Cheers, Ian

Think it was BT52/Christine’s S1 Exige

Hi Ian,

There was a 177 as well as our 190. I don’t think the guy with the 177 (or its previous owner) had done anything much, and he was experiencing some kind of rev limiting problem on the day. We have the sports exhaust & sports cat fitted to the 190 and Pagid RS14’s.

The “test” wasn’t very precise, but most results went as expected. I don’t have the times - they’ll be printed in the mag - but I don’t think there was much between the 177 or the 190 which I was a bit surprised at. Maybe I’m not actually getting the 190. It’ll be interesting to see the article and see what they say.


Thanks Sandra.

Tone this was the Top Gear article. I think BT52/Christine’s was EVO.


I am suprised that the S2 is faster round a track. With 100kg more and similar power and less downforce that doesn’t make alot of sense. Maybe the S2 is just easier to drive for the tester who weren’t familiar with the cars?

It does seem odd the the S2 is quicker, but there are a number of reasons why this might be true:

1: Most S1s don’t actually make the full 190bhp.

2: The S1 is very aerodynamically draggy. Its amazing how much you feel this compared with the S1 Sport 190. The top speed is comparatively low, and acceleration at high speeds is obviously affected.

3: Lotus have obviously done a lot more work on the suspension for the S2. They are claiming much better mechanical grip, and more predictable handling.

4: The S1 is seriously over-geared.

I expect being more sexy slows it a little too!


Too right!!! LMAO