This may seem a little strange...

So maybe I should explain first.


But that number plate looks HUGE. Surely a smaller one would look better. But the number plate plinth is almost the full size of the plate. And it’s incorporated into the front spoiler/splitter (whatever it’s called). It would look wrong with a small plate.

Maybe if I cut out the middle section of the splitter? Would that be wrong? Well it’s OK for the Exige GT3

So here goes…


(The last 3 pics are the modded version).

Shame about the “sunstrip”

I don’t need a proper sunstrip. I’ve got a ladies car with sun visors

with a girly roof

Why don’t you do something about that?

funny you should say that

will send you pm

can’t tell from the photos, but I guess its not a hollow section then?

Nope, not hollow. It’s just a thin piece of fibreglass. It’s curved round at the edge to make it look thicker than it really is.

I had to do a certain amount of fibreglassing and filling to get a decent shape around the cut edges.

cool Brendan…

Brendan - your not related to that bloke at Lotus (Fibreglass Fred?) are you?