This is fantastic - honest!


Ah, the glory days when safety barriers came in the form of trees & the general public, & when men were men etc etc.

Was that your first cine camera Rob

LOL, Tim

The first ever race I went to was actually the Gold Cup at Oulton in 1964 (or 1965), & Jimmy Clark was 3 wheeling in a Lotus Cortina Mk1.

I’m only in my thirties but I love racing from that era.

It was a real buzz to share the track at Oulton a couple of months ago tailing the big yank tanks and a Lotus Cortina, testing for the Gold Cup meeting, as they drove everywhere with smoke pouring off the rear tyres. You smelt the burning rubber long before you caught them!

well found rob thats brill,was that graham hill in the scenery.