This evening in Shenfield. S1 ...

Following a mid traffic jam conversation with the owner of a stunning Nautilus Blue S1 this evening - Just wondering where you got the back drilled plate from - car looked stunning in colour - if indeed I am correct in my assumption. Me, my Friend and my Neighbour all have S1’s - pleasant change to see another one locally.


It is indeed Nautilus Blue! The previous owner had the clam drilled; I will get in touch with him and will find out where he had it done and whether he still has the template. If not, you’re welcome to copy the pattern. I’ve not seen any Exiges around Shenfield, would be great to meet up!


Excellent - many thanks Eugene. It looks very good - often spoke about something similar but never actually thought of that particular design. There are 3 of us in Chelmsford (2 are neighbours) - We should organise a local event, best to wait for Spring though (

Have you had anything done to the suspension ? Do you go in for many track days ?