Thinking of Building a good S1 track car


At some point very soon in the future I am thinking of building up an S1 trackcar. I’ve done the subaru thing and the extreme track car thing but now just fancy an elise to see how well I can make it go. The extreme track car thing makes track driving seem like its all the car and none of your own effort with all the downforce and lack of weight etc.

So, I reckon if I start of with a 2nd hand base elise for about 11K (maybe less - I don’t really care if the engine and box are shot - or maybe even light clam damage) and do the following:

  • Nitron dampers (have Nitrons on my Westfield - any good for the elise ???)
  • Eibach EPS Springs and Helpers (what is a good poundage for an elise ???)
  • Rear Adjustable rose jointed toelink kit
  • Adjustable Roll bars and drop links
  • Alli Radiator with Improved fan Silicone hoses etc.
  • Foam baffled fuel tank
  • Mocal oil cooler/ aeroqup lines and sandwich plate
  • New pollybushes (and maybe lighter/stronger wishbones if I’m feeling flush)
  • Lotus motorsport AP 4pot front 2pot rears with motor sport master cylinder and bias controller
  • Lotus sport 160 wheels (not sure if these will clear the APs)
  • Carbon Race seats and harnesses
  • 1/2 Roll cage

And the engine work for now

  • Some induction system (which is best ???)
  • Some free flowing exhaust system (which is best ???)
  • Sport 160 throttle body (any point in doing this ??? would I need to remap ???)

In the future I’d look towards an i-VTEC conversion.

Do you guys think that would make a reasonable package ? The car would be predominantly trackdays but some sprinting and hillclimbing too in the future.

Thanks for a great site.




What’s happening with your XTR2 then?


nothing as such - its sat in my garage right now.

Just thinking of another option for a winter project.

Had a pax ride in an XTR2 at Oulton Park this week and was mightly impressed with the package…made the Exige seem very pedestrian afterwards…can’t think why you would want to go back to a S1.

I thought that there was still alot of development work to be done on the westie?