They don't seem to be made for small people

Hi again Guys,Thanks for you answers on 'are they nickable’My wife is 5.00 feet short and having tried her in an Exige with the seat fully forwardshe can not reach the pedals well enough to be able to press the brake and clutch down far enough. Has anybody come across this before and has some answers on what is the best way of getting around the problem. Can the seat and runners be moved forward by about 3 or 4 inches or anothertype of seat fitted that has longer runners.Help needed please.

You’re right, the Elise/Exige are one of the biggest cars inside.Even the Esprit (bigger on the outside) is smaller inside.Anyway, yes, the runners are adjustable. I don’t know if by 3-4" but I’m sure you can adapt the runners or install aftermarket ones.Good luck,Uldis

Your missus is unable to drive one ?I fail to see the problem [image][/image]