I have added a few themes for you to use incase you dont like this theme for whatever reason ( too white / too bright etc )

Easy to change . follow this step by step video. Default is PROLIGHT

Flashback to Xtree Gold there!


How awesome is that? I loved it …

I feel like this is all my fault :unamused: :wink: :wink:

Speaking of themes, while the others are a bit of fun , any feedback on this one? It will cost me a few ££ but should be worth it in the long run if you lot buy around 80 stickers!

Main page

Section page

Thread page

Love that… it would be my go to - what’s the cost ? any other way we could share it…


Not quite a deal breaker so I was going to absorb it and wait for you guys to buy loads of merchandise so the profit could repay me.
The idea of the shop wasnt to make money to make me money , just to cover any ancillary costs other than hosting ( such as themes, or software or trackday hiring … )

gotcha… I’ll head to the shop then :slight_smile:

Appreciated! Started a new theme post with a vote to see what we would like to do. .