The vents on the bumper!!

Anyone else think that the sealed intakes on the front of the s1 exige bumper must cause a lot of aerodynamic problems? Surely it is better to drill through them and allow air to pass through to cool the front brakes? the fibreglass flap that covers my right side intake is starting to droop from water gathering behind it. Should i just get the intake drilled through?

Yeah I agree. Did I hear that Uldis had made some ducts up in fibreglas to go on the back of the drilled out front balnks to ease piping for brake cooling??

If so, Uldis my man, how about sorting me out a pair??


it looks like you already drilled yours in your sig pic sean, was there anything to watch out for lurking behind the seals?

Nothing much behind there, but hard to fix without removing the clam…

I cable tied the other end of the duct to the lower wishbones…

Check out my pics Koopa, here:

And Sean, I would make you some, and I will eventually, but haven;t been able to continue doing the mods I needed with the adventure of taking the engine off/rebuild/reinstall, house move and now, before enything else happens, I am embarking in the adventure of building a garage.
Ah, and finding a job.
But in a few months time I’ll be able to continue where I left.

And I’ll make you some

Aerodynamically, the whole of the bottom front area of the exige is high air pressure area, this is no bad thing, as it slows the air over the car, and the splitter speeds airflow under the car, (producing lower pressure air), therefore some negative lift. Saying that, the vents are perhaps more useful open for brake cooling, and wouldn’t be measurably detrimental to this effect, which is why I had mine opened and some piping added to vent to the general brake pad/disc area.

[quote]Check out my pics Koopa, here:

Now that’s a sexy job - I have not made time to wash mine for weeks I cant imagine having the time (or skill) to do that - nice one

No mine aren’t drilled at all.

Cheers Uldis me old China!!!

Mind you I am wondering now if I need to cool the bigger brakes and I may smooth them over like I have seen on Guy’s car on some of the Mid engine Race series pics


That’s true, with the bigger calipers you may not need the extra cooling.

And what did Guy do to his car? the pics I have seen don’t show anything strange…


Well, he’s abviously running cold brakes and a cold cooling system!

Well I heard (may be wrong here!) that in the Autobytel series they had trouble getting the brakes hot enough in time so would blank off the cooling holes…

…Also you don’t want any extra air coming in the front apeture and they’ve blanked off the area’s where the driving lights are, as the rad is “over efficient” then too much air and it would run too cool…

Don’t know about you guys but on track I always see lower coolant temps than on the road.

I think the sides of the rad inlet are blocked for aerodynamic reasons rather than to reduce cooling. The standard opening is simply too large for the amount of air than can be flowed through the rad. A bigger opening just causes more tubulence inside the duct, and will increase drag, and probably reduce the cooling.

hmmm… would mind finding a set of those tricky winglets under the christmas tree, that would clean the airflow and give a bit more downforce on the way to quicksave. i need them.