The time has come to rise to the heavens

Yes… it’s true.

The time has finally come to buy myself an Exige.

I’m going for an S1, preferably Orange, less preferably Black, Yellow or Laser Blue, or if nothing else appears and the price is good, any other colour.

If anyone knows someone with a cherished S1, please let me know.

It would be great if it was a LHD model, but i’m pretty sure i’ll have to settle with a RHD one.

good luck finding a orange one, they just dont come up for sale often.

whats the deal with pricing anyway, if you use a car price evaluater on autotrader,

a x reg exige with 30,000 miles should go for 15,000 private, think thats what it was.

ive seen most people sell there exiges S1’s for around 20-23k, who do you value one?


I’m willing to wait a little bit for an Orange one…

Regarding the price, it really depends on the state of the car…

B&C have had a really nice Blue one in stock for a month or so, think they want �23k for it, nice though.

23K for an S1 Exige ? Only if its TT. Besides, Blue comes down on the preferences list.