The S1

\i have had the car a couple of years now, but not had any pics up.

Gave it a clean yesterday and back into the shed.

2000, Azure blue 190, just under 20k miles. I have new tyres to go on, some oem konis almost new and other bits for a suspension refresh to do and also get a full inspection and service completed (belts etc) and a full larini manifold and exhaust system to go on. I wont be driving to far, may sell in the near future as the shed has to many cars in it and I am lacking space.

Lovely colour.

Beautiful. That is a lovely colour

yes that’s a fantastic s1 exige perfect car and colour I have a lotus elise s1 in the same colour fantastic

Fantastic :thumbup:

Very nice, lets see what else you have in that shed of yours!

Should have had the floor power floated, otherwise lovely.

:silent: :silent: :silent: :silent:

Fantastic color!!!

If you do decided so sell then please let me know.