The S1 Yip

I’m sure this question has been asked many times in the past but I want to be sure before buying the wrong thing. The S1 has a loud squeak when it goes over bumps, it sounds like it comes from the back and I assume this is the S1 YIP.

The car is only used for gentle (because I’m slow) track use. I assume a set of single way Nitrons will fix the noise or given the use I put it to, maybe a set of billies.

Is the “Yip” a loud squeak?


I usually found the yip went away when the girlfriend wasn’t in the car :wink:

Yep, that’s the famous “yip”. SimonE will be along soon to buy it off you - he uses them for wedding presents, although always protects them with his “pre-numpt agreements”.

Does he get his “yip’s” from the far east out of one of those books or dodgy websites??? :wink:

:slight_smile: - my yip is now on my wifes (exactly which one I’m not quite sure :wink:) Elise :slight_smile:

Indeed it is the LSS that is the source of the yip - I miss it :slight_smile:


Indeed it is the LSS that is the source of the yip - I miss it :slight_smile:[/quote]

Your Yip lament, as expressed at Spa in Oct 2007 (SimonE left of camera, RussT on right, & Randy (in background) deep in tactical planning :smiley:. Early night, only 3am night before practice :wink: ):

[video:youtube]Sing along at Spa - YouTube[/video]

Some of you may love the “yip”, drives me nuts. I get a call from the creature every 10 seconds, destroys the Led Zep on the CD.

Had another jolly today to go with the Yip, drove the car in the dark (lights on) and it flickers onto dip and main beam - new indicator/dip/main switch ordered at great expense (about �10).

I love my “yips” What’s a CD?

I think thereare far too many fake Yips nowadays - it’s almost impossible to tell if yours is the real thing or not. I haven’t seen hide nor hare of mine since the LSS went back in the box.

Anyone remember Teddy Yip?