The Peterson Exige - SOLD

Yup, I’ve taken the plunge.
Like Ade, it seems a great shame to rip £20k’s worth of stuff off a car that works so well , so we’ll see what gives as is.

Nice car, saw it at Anglesey. For someone whos happy to have a modified car that looks like very good value to me!

The plunge??? Come on tell us more

Thought I’d get the Hofmann’s 311 430, but sadly someone just beat me to it.

Doctor doctor, can’t you see we’re burning burning :smiley:

No worries
I will let them know you want one, there a still a couple available…

Wow amazed you are selling it, I’m sure you will find a buyer

If I could afford to get back into an Exige I would snap this up! Best looking Factory S2 in my mind

Got to agree on that - it’s a lovely looking car - yours and Wills are the nicest looking S2’s I’ve seen.