The next generation 2.0k engine

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In shortly be available the next generation 2.0K engine.

Here I will have some photos and preview of what is to come:

Since 2005, in vgkracing we make the evolution of rover k series engine to 2.000 c.c.

After more than 5 years of successful sale of 2.0K engine, in vgkracing we decide to make an evolution to have this engine with the most advanced materials, computer design and weight.

After more than 3 months of intensive work we finally have the next generation rover 2.0K engine.

Engine 2.0k “Prometheus Mark V”

Prometheus was a titan that with his great cunning stole fire from the Gods to give it to humans.

Since Similarly, in vgkracing we used the cunning and the latest software design computer-engines to make tests and design on the parts with the target to increase power that is obtained it from the fire.

Prometheus MK is a revolutionary concept engine.

Using the latest digital design techniques and computer-figuration, we have designed a new type of engine based on the search for pure performance and absolute reliability.

By using this software we have made a engine with higher-quality parts and less weight to obtain the maximum performance and safety.

Spec tech:

-Pistons in 2618 forged material, 82.52mm diameter, weight 288 grams.

Quad-lateral lubrication and quad-lower lubrication system pin piston.

3 piston rings with a plasma coating.

-Con rods in 4340 forged material, dual system pin piston lubrication, quadruple system liners lubrication, pins and piston inside, weight 465 grams.

Length between centers 134.2mm.

ARP 2000 bolts.

-Crank in 4340 forged material, lubrication-independent for each con rod, 91.58mm stroke, counterweights arrow, weight 11.700 kg.

Main journals lubrication diametric chamfer.

-Block 82.52mm cast iron liners material, RA code 0.75.

Data engine:

Bore x stroke: 82.52 x 91.58 mm
Displacement: 1960 c.c.
Con rod lenght: 134,2 mm
Con rod ratio: 1.465
Piston weight: 288 grams
Con rod weight: 465 grams
Crank weight: 11.700 kg
Rings: 1.2/1.5/2.0 mm
RA code liners: 0.70-75

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bhp data and cost?? i guess everyone will be asking the same question…

Hi Lautll421

Well, this evolution is only of the short block, the power depends of several things, piston head, cams, inlet and exhaust system, airbox,etc.

In the simulation by computer the results talk of a increase of 10/12 c.v. more with the same parts and 0.5/0.8Nm more of torque.

This engine is in testing phase, because I do not sell any parts without prove before and I can tell that works perfect.

There are two engines in test period.

In approx 1/2 month the new evolution will be available for sale and before this period I go to the rolling road to test the engine.

I am finalizing the price with suppliers of parts and I do not know yet the final price, but in no way exceed the present 2.0K.

All the best