The new trackdays Lotus

Start saving…

Love it - pity its got the S2 nose - still prefer the s1 nose

Just add a roof variant and keep the price down and they will be onto a winner.


Official Press Release below (I hear the base model will be around �25K, so…)

[color:“blue”]The all new lightweight and high performance track day Lotus
The new Lotus �Circuit Car� was announced yesterday (Saturday, 11 June, 2005) by Kim
Ogaard-Nielsen, CEO of Group Lotus, to privileged Lotus Club International members at the
annual Lotus Club International Gala Dinner held at Norwich City Football Club. Based on the
Lotus Elise Aluminium chassis, and weighing in at approximately 600kg, the single-seater car
(with an option of two seats) has been designed and engineered solely for Track Day and Club
The lightweight composite bodywork of the visually dramatic open-topped circuit car combines
high downforce from cleverly engineered aerodynamics. Part of its phenomenal performance is
from a supercharged VVTL-i (Variable Valve Timing with Lift � intelligent) engine, and is
estimated to achieve the 0 � 100 mph (160 km/h) sprint in a staggering 9.0 seconds. This exciting
combination has allowed for a dynamic racing package producing higher performance to that of
existing Elise-based products. An entry-level naturally-aspirated VVTL-i engine will also be
available, powering the car from 0 � 62 mph in under 4 seconds.
Tony Shute, Head of Product Development at Lotus Cars, explains what makes the Lotus �Circuit
Car� a leading high performance track car: �The new product has allowed Lotus to once again
apply its key �performance through lightweight� philosophy. This is in order to achieve an
innovative product for the track day and club racing Lotus enthusiast whilst staying true to the key
design attributes of the Elise and Exige products. They are considered to be amongst the finest
existing road and track day cars by thousands of owners around the world, and the �Circuit Car�
will build on this formidable reputation, helping to further underline Lotus as the ultimate driver�s
The introduction of the new Lotus �Circuit Car� will generate additional exposure of the Lotus
brand and provide Lotus with entry to further key market sectors, as Clive Dopson, Managing
Director of Lotus Cars, explains �The introduction of this new model plays a key role in
developing and enhancing the presence of Lotus Cars on the track, whilst providing the driver of
today with a pure circuit car which thrives on the essential values of the Lotus brand. In addition, it will be yet another example of a high quality product to be built at our world class production
facilities at Hethel.�
The Lotus �Circuit Car� is due to go into production at the Group Lotus Headquarters in Hethel,
Norfolk, in December 2005, with scheduled volume of approximately 100 units per annum.
Full specifications and price will be announced closer to the production date.
Predicted Performance figures:
Naturally Aspirated VVTL-i Engine:
0 to 60 mph 4 seconds (approx.)
0 to 100 mph < 11 seconds
Supercharged VVTL-i Engine:
0 to 60 mph 3.5 seconds (approx.)
0 to 100 mph < 9.0 seconds


If they can do the entry model for ~�25k and keep the supercharged one below �30k, I reckon they might have a winner… I have to say I love it but am very surprised they plan to bring out an S2 340R given the history of the 340R…

This car looks like a pure track machine. The 340R was developed as an extreme road car IIRC.

I didn’t notice anything about it being made road legal, although given it’s (visual) similarity to a Radical who Knows

I’d be happy if they’d just get the s/c in the road cars, with the possibility of a retro fit


I am told that the car would need to be SVA’d to go on the road.

Looks really cool, a baby LeMan prototype (anything to do with the timing of the announcement?! ).

The supercharged version would be about 400bhp/ton.

I think it’d be pretty hard to SVA it, it doesn’t look like it’s even gonna have lights. Putting that stuff back in would add lots of weight back.

They struggled to sell all the 340Rs, and �25-30k+ is still alot of money for a car you may use once a month on average. It’s the right thing for Lotus to be doing though, keeps the brand high and us all excited!


I think it looks awesome! I just hope the pricing isn’t ridiculous.

Lotus must be saving a packet on the doors…there arn’t any

In Autocar thay have priced it at 32k for the base model

CAR magazine says the Circuit Car will “make its debut at the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb centenary celebrations on 21 August”. Is anyone going to this? (preferably with a camera)??? Anyone know anything about this event? 100 cars to be produced in 2006. One half going to the States - finally we get the good stuff without having to wait years and years . . . .

CAR magazine says the Circuit Car will “make its debut at the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb centenary celebrations on 21 August”. Is anyone going to this? (preferably with a camera)??? Anyone know anything about this event?

Jusr received a letter from Lotus confirming the date of Sunday 21st August 2005:

“The Circuit Car can be seen competing in two timed runs during the day, and will be driven by Tony Shute, Head of Product Development at Lotus Cars”

It looks to be part of a 3 day meeting where there will be cars dating from the very first meeting in 1905 right through to the current hill record holder.

Lotus will have a stand there and a VIP access to a BBQ and refreshments by invitation.

Tickets on the gate cost �15 and the race programme commences at 9.30am.

I’ll be there even if I don’t get my VIP tickets…if, as Lotus say, it will be road legal and price is arouns 25k then my wife will have to handcuff me so I can’t get to the cheque book.

…Lotus say, it will be road legal and price is arouns 25k…

Have they really said that?!

…Lotus say, it will be road legal and price is arouns 25k…

Have they really said that?!

Nope, not AFAIK. Mind you, 25K on top of the purchase price looks about right for the road conversion


Depends what mag you read…Autocar - 32k for standard car…EVO - could be as low as 20k(think they must be dreaming).

Got my ‘VIP’ invite the other day so I’ll go and have a look.
I really can’t see me buying one but you never know…

I’ve asked for a VIP invite but no reply yet…not VIP enough obviously.

I was offered a VIP invite but I’m away on holiday

I really want one but it has to be road legal and 30k max!

I’m going and have a VIP invite on the way

Will take some pics when I’m there