The joys of Lotus ownership!

This is not an ironic title for once

Just taken the “extra” long way home, nice and quiet for this area so that was bonus number one, but as I’ve got off the train there’s a few cars left in the car park and this guy is behind me, as I do the alarm and go to the car he stops and say “I have to shake you hand! I look at that car every day and think I f**king hate that guy!!!” In a good way of course, so chatted for a bit and he was very keen so I said hop in and I’ll take you for a quick spin! So a quick blast up the road into the NSL roads, quick blast about and dropped him back at the station with a huge 4 year old style-e grin on his face And me of course!

Then head to rayleigh the long way to get some petrol and drop off my accounts and then get chatting to couple in a puma who pull up beside me, really nice couple and ended up chatting for a while, I was tempted to the PX ride thing again but there’s only the dual carriage way round there and that’s infected with police so I thought best of it really

Then a quick blast home and still smiling!

It’s funny the perceptions of the Lotus brand, people seem to think they’re made to utter perfection like a proper supercar and I kinda had to explin when you track absolute pants off of it, you do need to replace a fair few bits

But a top, if not somewhat random, evening

Don’t you just love Exiges - I’ll never get rid of mine (voluntarily, that is!!!)