The infamous yip!!!!!

An old one i know, but did anyone find a solution to curing this sometimes annoying yip? Or did the masses put this down to a charecteristic of the S1 Exige? Just wondered as mine has raised its little ugly yip noise again! Barstool. 5 years and its back!!!

Ditch the original dampers you tight git!

PS I left a message on your phone the other day - any news?

Im sure im not alone in thinking/saying :

“wtf is a yip?”

A creature that makes a rather annoying, yet endearing high pitched squeak when going over certain bumps in the road. It seems to come and go at random. Some people think it’s a little like a hamster, some liken it to a ring-tailed lemur. Some less fanciful people suggest it just the dampers.

Sounds like an old iron bed when giving the missus one

Wishbone bushes? You can try to isloate it by pushing down on each corner of the car in turn and seeing whether the squeak happens.

I think it’s generally agreed that it’s a characteristic of the standard dampers.

Fair enough, but the description of the sound reminded me of issues I had with a nearside wishbone bush. “eeek” noise over bumps. So I guess you know the solution.