The IACV connection to my Emerald

Got a bit confused today, I am connecting in the Emerald ECU and the manual states the IACV has a 4 or 5 pin connector. The loom has a 5 pin connector for the IACV but the unit itself only has 2 pins.
Do I just connect it to the IACV Channel 1 and power?

Could I remove the IACV completely, the car is only for the track?

There should be 5 cables leading to the IACV, which also have 5 connectors. I don�t really know why yours has only two! You are sure you are looking the IACV, right?
You can remove it completely. I�ve done it with not issues. But you�ll have to adjust the butterflies in the throttle bodies.

Did you loop the ports together or block them up?

I�ve just blanked them. Do you use throttle bodies or standard plenum? If TBs, which ones?

It’s the standard S1 exige set up so TBs I have just look in the wiring diagram and this shows only 2 pins for the IACV

Think I will just blank them

Yes, the standard IACV in the Egige is different than the usual ones in the rest of the k-series. I guess the best thing to do is call Emerald and ask them about this. There must be a proper way to connect it.

I have ditched mine and it runs OK, although probably not as well as an IACV equipped car for the first couple of minutes when it is cold. If you are just using the car for track, then I would bin it, at the end of the day it is just another load of plumbing that could give you an air leak.

As George says, make sure your throttle butterflies are balanced and then set your base idle, the Emerald will then adjust the ignition timing to try its best to hit the “target” idle speed you have put in.


My DVA modded K tuned by Dave Walker ran quite well without the IACV - occasionally it was a bit lumpy at idle, but Mr Andrews said I didn’t need it !!

Ok, I give up! Whats IACV

Idle Air Control Valve

any better?

you’ve really been hoping you didn’t have to ask eh…

What a dumb arse

What a dumb arse

not really…

i remember the very first time i ever saw AFAIK… it was on this bbs, i thought it was some version of engine… LOL… eh Pesky/Russty …


as far as I know…

bulletin board string…

Thanks all I will remove it