The French............... (nlc)

Hi all,This has nothing to do with Lotus but is just genius… Go to Google. Type in ‘French Military Victories’ Instead of hitting ‘search’, hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’ See what happens. Hit what comes upAlors, c’est magnifique, mais c’est ne pas la guerreMike

That cheered me up. Fantastic [image][/image]

That was nearly as good as the front page of todays Sun newspaper

Fantastic, what a laff…

Mike… [image][/image]am I gona see you at Cadwell?later,Bruno

Bruno,I’m booked (confirmed), but I may not be able to make it.Mike

bleeding hell…what’s happening this year?most of the northern gang will have to give it a miss and now you as well…what a shame [image][/image] later,Bruno