The Exige GT car update

HiThe project is under way. We will be using a new S1 chassis but with the Elise Sport (Exige) body panels with some slight feature changes i.e larger air inlet on the roof. The reasoning behind this is that the areo kit and development can be used from the 2000 & 2001 race series.The car will have a 6 speed box sequential if allowed (race series cars had 5 speed) engine to be built by CES (they have built all my race engines) should get between 230bhp to 240bhp at a cost of �12k (with full race day support) but reliable for GT racing. 3 way dynamic shocks the car will be lower and stiffer than the challange cars and weighing in at 700kg.My only concern is the straight line speed as we need 150mph without hurting the accelleration and if we get this we will be in a postion to win.The 2nd driver search is under way but I do have one or two contacts with Adam Wilcox (2000 Lotus champion) helping with the development but he is under contract to race in Japan in 2003.I expect some support during race weekends next season and all adivce is very welcome.Next update will be 14 days.TonyPesky what happened to that drink you threatened me with ?

TonyCar project sounds very interesting [image][/image]Sorry mate, haven’t forgotten about a drink, but I’ve been away for 2 days this week on business. This weekend is fully taken up with moving son to Uni in Leeds, & going to Donington on Sunday with Russ to watch the last round of the BTCC.Next week is also pretty much tied up as I’m sciving on Friday to go to the Anglesey track day!!!So hopefully we can arrange something for the first week in October.

Speedy, gotta ask about the details, if you have them nailed down:1. Which 3-ways? Dynamics (yea) or JRZ’s (boo), or?2. Gemini 6 speed sequential or? Can some others on the board go “in with you” to do a “bulk buy” of sequential units?3. “Elise Sport (Exige)” panels throws me since the elise (motor)sport panels are so different from the Exige - can you clarify?[This message has been edited by beto (edited 21 September 2002).]

HiPesky I will be at Donington Sunday. (with Chris from Lotus having a meetng with Rob Murphy (in charge of GT Championship) so if you fancy a drink come round to the pits and ask Chris Pollard at Eclipse motorsport and he will tell you where we are or e-mail me you mobile number.Thanks

Hi betoWe will be using 3-way Dynamics and a Quaife Gearbox. The body panels will have some changes to what they looked liked at the end of the 2001 race series and if allowed be made from cardonfibre but to me as an Exige owner I prefer to say the car is more like the Exige. (The car is being built from all new parts)Full spec will be on a wed site that is build to follow the progress of he car in build then racing in 2003.But any help/input is very welcome.ThanksTony

TonyHave emailed you with mobile no - see you tomorrow [image][/image]

Speedy,I went to Silverstone yestyerday for the VSCC/Lotus 50 year meeting. Bell & Coleville were there with two race cars, an original race series Elise with centre driving position and what appeared to be a modified Elise or Exige. It had the race series rear wing (with a 5mm hich centre Gurney strip), hinged rear body section and the most complex rear difuser I have seen. The front air dam had also been enlarged and modified. Seems as if some aerodynamic work has been undertaken and could be worth a look.

Yes but if that was the one that spun just before Luffield on a demonstration lap to let an ageing Elan pass, it suggests they have a bit of work to do on the set up [image][/image]

Hi RobYes the girl who’s car that is was at Nigel’s (team owner who is going to run the GT project) house on Friday night who lives near Silverstone. Her dad is one of the owners of Bell & Coleville. They have a friend at Williams F1 in the aerodyamics dept who has helped them out. We are talking to them but thanks.Tony[This message has been edited by SPEEDY (edited 22 September 2002).]

Speedy Tony,I am pretty chuffed about the dynamics 3-ways. The distributer in USA, Carl Haas, gave me loads of attention, custom building them, informal guarantee, fabricating bushings and not charging me, etc. - all by the same engineers who do FFord and da Matta’s & Fittipaldi’s setups.My advice would be to go even less than 2" diameter on the springs - I went to 2" and regret not going to ~1.88.I have standard bodywork, so my springs are 550/600lbs., I assume yours will be much higher (at least 200lbs?).I am very much interested in the Quaife setup, and like I said, if you want to setup a “buying club”, I’ll do one or two!