The damage

Ok, the head is off and i have not been lucky [image][/image]2 broken exhaust valves, one of the heads was firmly stuck into the top of the piston, the other head was forced into the valve seat and has cracked the combustion chamber [image][/image]2 bent inlet valves1 cracked linerShould be taking the engine out tomorrow if i can get the CV’s off, any ideas anyone?, i can then check the conrods and have the crank tested etc.If its all ok for rebuilding i will be on the lookout for a VHPD head. Russ?

I think Owen at had a supply of VHPD or VVC heads…Cheers

oh no… [image][/image]I think, Mark is right. otherwise, DVA might have one or at least knows somebodylet’s put it this way, at least it’s the end of the season and you have plenty of time during the winter to rebuilt it.cheer up, mate…she makes such a gooood coffee [image][/image]

Perhaps it’s time to start looking for a Honda VTEC engine?Bye, Arno.

quote:Originally posted by Phil Davies:If its all ok for rebuilding i will be on the lookout for a VHPD head. Russ?Phil, I still have the head, but I am not in a rush to get rid of it. If it is the last head in the country and you are struggling, you could prise it off me. (But I have no idea what it is worth!)[This message has been edited by RussT (edited 27 October 2002).]

Bad news Phil - commiserations. Are you rebuilding the motor yourself? - interested for future reference - is the engine reasonably straitforward to dismantle/reassemble, or do you need an array of special tools, etc??

No worries Russ [image][/image]Simon, Yes i going to do it myself, its my second time around, the first time was for the ported head etc and yes its all pretty straight forward as for special tools, well i will buy myself a torque wrench that goes to 150+ ft lbs and tighten the bloody crank pulley myself this time !!So far i have managed to do without the special manufacturers tools by improvising or making my own to do the same job.Phil

Some pictures can be found here in the disaster section !!

Ouch! - serious stuff Phil - hope no more damage is found at bottom end. Remember many years ago chain tensioner bolt coming loose on twin cam - bent valves, bits of piston seemed to be everywhere - damage in end tho’ was less than first appeared - hope same for you.Cheers for your web site address - top notch info…Best of luck with your rebuild. Simon