Thanks Pesky

Rob,Just applied the sunvisor strip and graphics that you kindly provided for me (a bit of a bugger to get right, but got there in the end!)I think they look the business. Just a quick note to say thank you for the time and effort involved in getting these produced.C U at Oulton on TuesdayGilesP.S - I presume due to your home location that you will not be travelling to Oulton the evening before. If however I am wrong, let me know where you are all planing to stay as it is a significantly longer journey for me!Giles

GilesGlad you got the job sorted, although I thought you were going to delegate the fitting to one of your technicians at work [image][/image]You are welcome to stay “Chez Pesky” tomorrow night. I’m about 45 mins from the circuit, & will be meeting up with Russ to travel down in the morning.If you’ve not got my phone number, mail me offline for it.Cheers for now.

RobThanks for the offer, but I have decided to drive up in the morning - I will see you thereGiles(praying for no rain)

On a different note…Thanks Rob for the passenger ride and subsequent drive of your car at Oulton. It made me feel somewhat better about the day ! It also made me realise that the “Rockingham” Exige wasn’t really a good example and reaffirmed my “want one” status

quote:Originally posted by ShinyAndy:…and reaffirmed my “want one” status You can’t have one, as that would push the average age of existing owners up somewhat [image][/image]

It might, but couldn’t you then claim you were “young” for an Exige owner…

quote:Originally posted by ChrisJ:It might, but couldn’t you then claim you were “young” for an Exige owner…Dead right - thanks for pointing it out [image][/image]Where do I sign up for this Botox stuff???