Thank you

to whoever gave me the five stars this morning

p.s. With the number of posts i’ve made this week you may have gathered i’m working from home

I wanted to ask… what do the stars mean?

And how do you get them?

They are a rating given to you from other users, i just rated you a five (coz your worth it ) but it still shows 3 so i guess its an average of stars give divided by the users.

Where abouts where you working for Schlumberger ?

Everywhere, but my last assignement was here in Aberdeen, as Technical Manager for REW (Reservoir Evaluation & Wireline) of the UK&Ireland.

Apart from that I’ve been with them in Mexico, Bolivia, Italy, Nigeria, Libya and some small stints to France, Spain & Tunisia.

Let’s see what comes next…

mmm… so who’s been giving these out and if its an average how do i try and give him some more…

Yes, how do you rate others?
I’ve never come across a button to do that…

click on user name to the left and on that screen you can see a rate user drop down and button…

5 please

Ahhh, I see.

Muchas gracias!


(Sheepishly owns up to dishing out plaudits to deserving saddoze…)

mike… ready ?? … ROFLMAO… …might have guessed the auld yins were twiddling…

btw cheers Phil - is that a new function Mr Admnin?


looks like i don’t take you up enough for the fifth…

Looks like someone voted 0 several times.
Like whe Simon was around?
Or maybe Evosal?

Jeez, I sure know the way to make some “friends”.I must revise my ways…

I tried Uldis, but obviously not enough !!

You got my 5* vote too, amigo.

Uldis,sorry mate but I’ve registered my 5 star rating of you,but you’re still showing only a four!

Anyway,how do you think I feel!! 100+ posts and not even 1 star

Well I must have pressed the wrong button 'cos I find I gave the thread 5 stars

Oh look you’ve got 5 stars Si!

Woo Hoo !!!

So have I! My life is complete!