Thank you from Tracksport

Hi Peeps

Graeme, Craig & the Tracksport crew have asked me to thank all those at Croft yesterday, for making it a fantastic day. They were particularly impressed by the high standard of, & courteous driving demonstrated by everyone, which meant they had no issues to deal with, & they could get out on track themselves.

They also thoroughly enjoyed the “social” on the previous evening.

I thought the day was very well organised, and of course my driving was very courteous as well !!

That said, my apologies to all those I overtook without being given the “indicator nod”, but as my car was difficult to distinguish from all the other MAGNIFICENT black exiges, I found that “just driving by” was the easiest way.

Only dampener for me was the “optimax” I bought from tracksport, which made the car pink, and made me change up at 5,500 instead of 7000 in the afternoon session.

Lessons learned - well I had set my Nitrons to full soft for the damp, and when I put on the 048s I forgot to change the settings, and it still handled good !!!

Big up to Graeme and the guys for putting on another good day. I was just as impressed as I was with the Oulton day of theirs last year.

Mike - leave the shocks low as winding them up will do you no favours. When I have mine rebuilt with more droop at the rear I’m also planning on having them revalved so I can go lower still, particularly at the front which needs to be nice and complient.

Thanks Chris…

Having observed how well your car went round the corners, I’m happy to go with that !!

as posted elsewhere… excellent day

wish i’d gone out with an instructor for a wee while tho’ to improve things a bit… just not enough bleedin time…

so when are they arranging the next one for us