tested in the arctic circle?

So much for the exige being tested in the arctic circle or whereever it was. Driving to work today and the throttle was stuck open presumably with the cold, engine wouldnt go below 3000rpm and after slight acceleration was stuck at 6000rpm. turned the engine off and restarted this time to either a spluttering or again stuck at 3000rpm except this time the speedo was jumping all over the place up and down. Not ideal in traffic and had to drive with the brakes on or clutch in. phoned garage who said was likely due to cold weather though will need to go in to get engine warning light reset and check the electrics. Anyone else had this problem? It was cold but not that cold. Starting to think my exige is a bit of a runt. had more problems with it than i could ever have imagined… Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious, sadly seeming to be true.

dont know about the artic circle but is has been know to snow in Norfolk occasionally! I would suspect that the garage are using the weather as an excuse - remote diagnosing at its worst.

I used my Exige early this year in about -4 with loads of snow and ice around for a few days. No problems to report at all, even the tyres were OK in the snow, so I guess the garage are just guessing/fobbing.

Sounds like this http://acr.monet.no/ (bad site)… anyway…great track … just a pitty there is no one livving there

that’s the one I drove past in the summer - big sign on the main road - pity I wasn’t in the Exige or I might have gone and had a look around.

Testing isn’t done at a current circuit, usually on circuits marked out on the frozen lakes, one of the main centres is near a place called Arjeplog.

Yep. Had the MIL come on twice in just over a week, the first time with a mis-fire when pulling out of the carpark at work. There’s a thread in the Pistonheads forum with a couple of other people having the MIL come on in the cold. Looks liek it might be coming a TADTS.

found out that the frozen on throttle was a result that the mechanism behind my throttle pedal was falling apart and that it was jamming in the cold. Bit concerning that these Lotus quality control oversights could cause accidents. I like going fast but like brakes too. on that note, got the travel sorted, is fantastic now.