Hi all.
Finally got round to posting something after months of lurking.
Hopefully the photo has worked, if not sorry.
Picked it up at Easter. Laser blue, touring, air & twin oil coolers

Wicked colour… lets have some more pics…

sorry if u dont mind me asking how much extra did it cost to get that colour? looks great!

Now THAT is a nice colour!

Sorry about that. Bit stupid at this to say the least. Trying again.
Forgot to mention stage 1 exhaust and no intention of a soft top.

Very nice. It does look to be a different laser blue to that offered (for the normal metallic price) on an S1. Is it actually a new colour you have for the ‘extreme’ premium


It doesn’t say “Exige” on the back?

It doesn’t say “Exige” on the back?

That’s cos it’s an Elise Coupe


abso-f"�$kin-lootley beuaatiful… Don’t tell Pesky but LAser Blue is an awsome colour on S1 or S2 cars… that’s the first S2 i saw that colour and its immense

Looks like you just got it out of the packet!