Terratrip Intercoms

Anyone got any experience of using these?


I’m thinking about a headset for a full face helmet and wondered if it was worth it, ie, do they work and is there any difference in quality between the standard and the pro headsets - the pro appears to have a noise cancelling microphone whilst the standard doesn’t.

I have recently fitted a set, was so chuffed I went and bought the practice headsets for the longer drives with passenger, used it on the track n Sunday and it was a pleasure being able to communicate. Off on holiday today until Sunday so will post soem pics for you then.

Didn’t buy the really expensive one so it looks a bit cheap to me but does it’s job. It is the one you pictured and I think it is a very worthwhile upgrade.

have had one in my car for last 3 years. never had a problem with it.


When I started rallying I tried quite a few intercoms (Greytronics, Sonic, OMP) before settling on these from terratrip. I stuck with mine for quite a few years and eventually progressed to a full Peltor setup as I was doing more and more pace-note events with a BDA revving to 10,000.

The noise-cancelling is very useful, particularly in a noisy car with a rev happy engine. Avoid having the volume too loud, as I found clarity suffered due to distortion - not ideal when driving to notes!

In comparison the Peltor stuff is better (but significantly more expensive) with much less distortion at higher volumes and better quality mics and speakers.

From memory the Terraphone headsets I had you couldn’t hear the output from the mic through your own headsets - only the output from the other headset, which was disconcerting until you got used to it. This may have been improved in the last 10 years or so though

Having looked through their website (http://www.terratrip.com/products.htm) I notice they now do a Pro-Plus range which is compatible with Peltor and apparently similar in noise quality to the Peltor stuff though hopefully at a lower price! This would be a good compromise between cost / quality. Then try and pick up some Peltor headsets from fleabay…


PS over the years I never had problems with any of the Terratrip products (I used tripmeter, headsets, intercom and helmet headsets)

I have an OMP version and it works great - apart from the DIN connectors …

The wires get broken very easily and the connectors are not at all robust - I’m changing them to the 1/4 inch photo plug typre used by Peltor and I would suggest the little extra for the Peltor compatible Terribletrip was worth it

I had the Terratrip in a Caterham. Found that the OMP set was better