As you may have seen… you’re being redirected from Exiges.com to InternetFlirting.com

Because of THIS ANNOUNCEMENT we are moving the server. Exiges.com was being run from the Gis-a-Job.com machine, so it has to be shifted.

If we told our ISP to move the Exiges.com across there would be a downtime for a day or two while everyones DNS took time to ripple through the changes… and your ISP would point you to the wrong machine.

If you type in Exiges.com and the URL at the top doesn’t change, your DNS has been updated, if not please be patient while your DNS change comes through…

Doing it this way ensures 100% uptime, albeit with an iffy domain name !

This is weird…

I’m reading Dave in internetflirting.com

I hope my wife doesn’t find out…

Not only that Uldis, you’re also responding to him

Each users IP address is visible

Can you re-hide them for security.


Has that fixed it ?



Well I guess congratulations are in order Mr Brown!


Nice one, congratulations

Gonna get it in �50 notes ???


So does this mean Pesky is going to supply new STICKERS

Only just read the announcement. Well done David

Going to expand your car collection ?

So does this mean Pesky is going to supply new > STICKERS >


I notice that under the new regime, I am not getting the familiar exige picture at the top…

Does this mean that we are going to get a different one ??