Temperature fluctuating between 90 - 130

I noticed this last night when I was trying to fix my gearbox problem, it seemed to fluctuate between 90 - 130 at one stage I saw it was at 999 degrees so I am reluctant to believe it. also got back from the test drive and opened up the water bottle and the water didn’t seem to be hot or have any oil in etc…
do you think its probably just a dodgy temp sensor?

Most likely

Or check the earth from the battery - if it is not a really good connection it can that lead to the guage being erratic, or just plain not there at all

I’d check main earths from battery and also the one from chassis to gearbox. I’m pretty sure temp fluctuation is a symptom of poor/corroded earths

What they said.

The only other plausible explanation is that you have a little dragon living in your engine. Like Ivor the Engine did.

thanks guys

I’m with Alex on the unseen dragon theory. It seems the most likely

just opened my engine cover and you’re both right there is a melted piece of Aluminium in the boot.

'kin dragons