tell me more Pesky!

Looked at your vent mod on the rear plate. Could you advise me on what you did, fancy doing it myself, but dont want to cock it up? Thanks

AntI’ve sent you some close up pics offline (cos I don’t know to post them here!)Hope they help.

Pesky,Not sure whether you have seen my “Give me a break” post, but I was just wondering which disks and pads you are using on your exige.I want to upgrade my set but still haven’t quite decided to what yet [image][/image]Looking for some advice, reallyKevin

KP Yep I’ve seen your post. Agree with all that Russ says.I will get the Eliseparts bells/discs when my originals need replacing. So far the discs have been absolutely fine. It’s surprising how much difference an upgrade to braided hoses (plus SRF fluid), with either Mintex 1144s (cheaper than Pagids) or Pagid RS14s, makes. I’ve decided not to change the discs just for the sake of doing it, but with 22.5K miles & 18 trackdays, I reckon that a call to Eliseparts will be made in the New Year (co-inciding with the annual replacement of the fluid).So, if I were you, I’d initially hold back on changing to the bells/discs until you’ve tried the car with the other “must do” brake upgrades.

Thanks for the advice/words of wisdom, Pesky.I shall order the “must do” brake parts from Eliseparts.Cheers [image][/image]Kevin[This message has been edited by Kp (edited 06 October 2002).]

For what its worth, Mintex 1144s are very good, although…They transfer a lot more heat from the pad to the caliper than Pagid RS14s, meaning your fluid will have a much tougher time on track. Bri