Tegiwa Tyre Test

(1) RWD Track Day Tyre Test 2023 - Pilot Sport 5 / AR1 / CR-S / AD09 / A052 / Direzza DZ03G (BMW M240i) - YouTube

Watched this last night, some interesting comparisons for Lotus owners. Pinch of salt, yada yada.

Nankang CRS (new one coming end of this year, early next)
Nankang AR1
Yoko A052
Yoko AD09
Dunlop Direzza (non road legal)

Spoiler Alert…

Running order was generally:

Slowest AR1 = CRS = AD09 < A052 < Direzza Fastest

Points of note:

  • AD09 the star of the show in that it’s fundamentally a road tyre, but could stick with the track tyres. How it wears over time is an unknown, but it stayed consistent in a stint.

  • A052 as everyone knows was like cheese, by the end of just 10 laps it had already lost it’s advantage and was losing time to the others

  • Direzza fastest, lasted well, but not road legal

  • AR1 and CRS could have been the same tyre, just with a different tread pattern. Maybe the CRS handles rain a bit better

Cost wise the AR1 is still probably the best performance : £. Ultimately all are very close in performance with just 1.2 sec separating best from worst.

I don’t believe we’re getting AD09 in S1/S2 sizes which is a shame, but might be a V6 option??

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I too watched this last night. Was quite interesting!

Looks like Yoko have taken on the feedback about the AD08R to RS compromise and made another excellent tyre.

The AR1 does look the best £ per grip though.

The AR1 is a very heavy tyre, which obviously is factored in to the lap time results but this may produce a “non measurable” downside to anyone not expecting it. I personally don’t notice the weight unless I’m humping them around the garage/trailer, but it does very much diminish the gains from having forged wheels!

They do last really well though, I’m a year into mine over 6 or 7 trackdays and I’ve not noticed any real loss of grip yet, and there’s still loads of tread depth on them.

Its an expensive mistake to get wrong really.

I have the 52s on mine and noticed marginal wear, but always on the lookout for “the next greatest thing”