Techie Computer Question

OK - I know we have some absolute wizard computer types on this BBS so please …

I’m communicating home with web cam and MSN 6.2 - … but why can I get sound sometimes and not other times (mostly !) - I makes no sense to me - unless you tell me its Microsoft

Well I tried other vid conferencing stuff and same problem.

I’m on a 512 cable conection here and 1024 at home - both PCs are the same and both web cams are the same type.

Yes, both are connected by wireless routers with wifi - is the router a problem UnPNP ?? - If so why it works sometimes ?

Appreciate it …

Bill Gates has a habit of ruining my day in one way or another. I can’t think of anything obvious.

It’s a bit of a cluge but you could use MSN for the video and Skype for the sound.


This is probably down to the number of users on MSN as there is limited Bandwidth
so quiet days good sound busy times not as much bandwidth so poor sound the videa is slower as well but not quite so noticable

Skype is good!