Teathing Issues.......

Laser Blue 06 Exige Super Sports Pack…delivered in March… very very happy but there are few outstanding niggles.

  1. Gearbox cruntches between 2nd and 3rd… unless you change gear very slowly… like the revs have gone down to tick over. At the 1000 mile service mentioned this to Wilson’s and was told that I am not pressing the clutch down sufficiently. hmmmm thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt… after a number of careful trials on the way home it is clear there is something definitely wrong. Back into Wilsons where the linkage was adjusted without any affect. I am told that Lotus have been informed and that they are doing some investigation on another car showing the same issue. Any one heared of this or am I being fobbed off?

  2. At first service I complained that the wheels appered to be out of balance as there was a shake on the steering wheel. Wilsons claim they have re balanced the wheels but the shake is still there… oddly it starts around 80 and gets progressivly worse… 120 very pronounced. I thought wheel balancing issues tended to appear around 60 to 70 and then ironed themselves out the faster you went. Anybobdy experienced this?

  3. Wilsons fitted the Stage 1 zorst and ITG Induction kit at the first service. Great noise now but there is a hell of a vibration at 2.5 to 3k RPM… really loud… louder than the exhaust… anyone experienced this?

In fairness to Wilsons… I haven’t taken them to task over points 2 and 3 but will do in the next day or two.


sounds like the wheels need re-balancing by someone else… i always had a shake in my s1 elise when they were balanced by anyone other than this local tyre shop. Must be something to do with the technique…

I have a stage 2 on my s2 exige - it used to vibrate at 2-3k rpm, turns out one of the welds had snapped - common problem. Not sure if it could happen on a stage 1 too. They re-welded it, it snapped again, so they replaced it. All fine now. That was B&C.

Wilsons left a bad taste from when they tried to keep my �1k deposit on their demo car.

At Donny this weekend a lot of peeps were getting shake from wheel inbalance due to big lumps of rubber getting stuck to the tyres!

Cris, ive had loads of problem with my fronts, it was pot luck wether anyone inc the lotus garage could balance them. In the end it was cured when the local dealer who also does bentleys bought a twin plain machine, been perfect since.
Previously ive watched them being balanced, show balanced on the machine but were still out!

Thanks all

Looks like I will have to take the car to a trusted garage that I used for balancing my S1 wheels… which were always perfect.

Wilsons will just have to sort the vibration between 2-3k… must be something to do with the zorst and induction kit… wasn’ there before.

Any thoughts on the gear change crunch?

There was a post on here a little while back about the red and yellow dots on the tyres when having the tyres fitted / balenced. Might be something to do with it.

I also find that that if the car has been standing for a few days/ week, there is a slight vibration for the first few miles. Almost if the tyres have a flat spot from standing, it goes after a few miles once the tyres have warmed up.

The gear change crunch you should be worried about rather than the other easily remedied stuff if you ask me. That just doesnt sound right at all, I find the box to be very good especially now it has got some miles on it and has loosened up in the right sort of way.

Mine does exactly the same thing. Gear crunch from 2nd to third. “Apparantly” my dealer said they ALL do it?!!?!

Never had any crushes in mine even with hard track use… I’d give them another nudge and tell them to stop using the cop out answer…

Mine does exactly the same thing. Gear crunch from 2nd to third. “Apparantly” my dealer said they ALL do it?!!?!

No crunch with mine but it doesn’t want to go into 3rd occasionally. TADTS?

Absolutely no probs with mine either with original or modified stick. A much nicer gearchange than in the K series IMHO.


No crunch with mine but it doesn’t want to go into 3rd occasionally. TADTS?

Snap! But mine is a S1 with Eliseparts upgrade linkage and new AP clutch. Go figure!

Perhaps they’re turning in to S1s!


My 06 car also crunches a little going into 3rd from 2nd when cold. Not an issue when warm. Maybe the linkage needs fine tuning?

Well guys I will certainly push back hard on Wilsons re the crunch…looks like some do and some don’t and thats clearly not TADTS… therefore a fix is not to much to ask for.

Thanks Cris

Just back from caning my car around Le Mans Bugatti circuit for 2 days… gear change loosened up significantly and the car feels so much better all round now @ 3000 miles.

Level 2 exhaust popping and banging like a good’un!