Taxed, MOTd and Insured

Twenty year Exige anniversary this year so thought I better get my Exige back on the road!

The car has been hibernating for a while but is now at Hofmanns and I pick it up tomorrow.

Hope everyone on here is well.

Good to know another established member is posting :smile::+1:

Who is this @Benja :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

I wonder myself some days :man_shrugging:t2:

Can’t wait to see a few pictures of the Benja-mobile back in operation. Always a favourite for me :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Welcome back Ben!:+1:Hope all well.

Thanks boys - all good with me,…well relatively.

There will be pics. I didn’t get out to Hofmanns today but hopefully tomorrow.

Looking forwards to seeing the car as I’ve mostly been tooling around in various German Heavy Weaponry.

What’s the latest fleet Ben? Fancy a coffee with a couple of other S1’s sometime soon?

Welcome back. Looking forward to any updates.

Good to hear Ben.

I have just bought the S1 the Edwards boyz converted after yours. Steve from Ribble Valleys silver one.

Yes I know I have had a few ‘keepers’ this is the 4th but 1st Honda powered.


Great to be back in the saddle!!

What a little ball of energy a SC-Honda Exige is; a genuinely exciting and fast package.

I’d love to meet for a coffee with some S1 lads Rob, name a date.

I still have the Caterham and hanging out on circuit with SeanB, DaveP, JonnyFox, Muu, WillC and many of the original gang.

Been running an AMG GTR as my road car which is a bit ridiculous tbh. I’ve driven both the Exige and the GTR today and the contrast is enormous,…like the size of the GTR which is also ENORMOUS.

Just a rubbish phone pic for now to prove that its back.


Doesnt she just look epic :smiling_imp:


Let’s see the GTR dude :ok_hand:

Great to see the exige out Benja. Looks great

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Looks wonderful. Ben. How about Lotis in the Peak for S1 reunion?

I’d be there for that :+1:t2:

I’ll be there with my S1 too

Nice to see its back out Ben! I would be up for a local meet at some point and I will attempt to get mine there!! But I mean it needs to be a local meet :laughing: