Tatton Park

Anyone else going on Saturday/Sunday?


(posted here 'cos the other thread is very quiet… )

I’ll be there, with my Exige in the Lotus club area!

Tomorrow (ie Saturday) I’ll be around at the Redline Rolling Road, with Russ, & later in the day the Edwards Boyz.

Hi Tom, do you have to be a member of the club to bring one along?

Hi Tom, do you have to be a member of the club to bring one along?

Unfortunately to get your car onto the club stand you have to have an exhibitors pass which I got through the club. I have asked if there are any spare passes but they have all been allocated. What day are you thinking of going? I’ll be there on Sunday, hope to meet you there!!


Yep Sunday too, but I’ll have to park with all the muppets…

hi guys i will be on lotus stand on sat with my exige,come and say hello. weather looks like being dodgy though.

You guys sure there’s no room for an orange exige?

bob, i was with other cars last year but the guys on lotus stand asked me to join them,this time organiser has put me on lotus stand. im sure they could get you on as sat is usualy more quiet.you will have to ask who ever is running the stand if they have any spare passes its worth a try.rob (yellow s1 exige)