tappety noise???

how do chaps, i had my engine rebuilt about 2k miles ago and recently topped up the oil with 1ltr of mobil 1 0W 50
All is well apart from a noticeable tappety whirring noise when i slowly blip the throttle. The engine oil level seems to be fine and the engine has just been rebuilt…any ideas?

i tell a lie… it was mobil1 0w40. I think i need to put thicker oil in. Will it harm my engine just now having the 40 thickness as long as i dont boot it?

Won’t harm it at all, you’ll probably burn a load of oil at top revs though… Wouldn’t worry to much unless you have a trackday planned, otherwise just put something thicker in at the next oil change… IMHO

cheers mate, something like castrol rs 60?
I just noticed it getting audibly tappety like it was low on oil. Should i get the old oil drained first or will it be safe to top up with thicker stuff?

Well an oil and filter change can never hurt

Otherwise just top up with some thicker stuff, I like the 10w60 as it doesn’t burn any of that which is a bonus!

If you’re worried or the tappy does sound particually strong then it’d be worth the ~�40 to change the oil just to be on the safe side…

cool, forgot to mention…
when accelerating hard through the gears for the first few times once car is warmed up it likes to give a wee puff of smoke from the exhausts (decatted) with each gear change. Though this stops after a while. Is this normal??

Could be wrong but again sounds like thin oil blowing past the piston rings and into the cylinders and so the white smoke…

Unless you have a piston ring(s) on it’s way out… But then it’s just been rebuilt However again maybe worth doing a compression test just in case!

hmmm, its not white smoke, its dark but not blue. Its just a puff when your booting it and you change gear at about 7800rpm but it dissapears after youve explored that rpm range a couple of times. Wouldnt be anything major i hope