Taga top

Hi, seen pics of a targa topped Exige on this site.Not very pretty…but anyone have any experience with this?Does it keep the rain out?Who does the job?thanksAl

If you do a search on Targa you will find a fair bit on this conversion.A guy in Switzerland is doing the conversion www.kumschick.com/lotus/exigetarga/ Would be interested to know if the hard & sort top is interchangeable or this is a one way mod.Bruno could you help with the translation?

no problem mate…had a look…erm…doesn’t answer your question 'though…the best would be to give him a bell…he speaks English very wellphone no. is 0041 041 980 06 80you want to speak to Fredy Kumschick himselflater,Bruno

Hi Bruno,Thanks very much for that.Cheers Al