Swapping tyres over.

Doing clockwise tracks seem to wear down the left tyres much more than the right. In order to let them survive a little longer (Mallory), can I get the tyres swapped over so long as they still rotate the same way?

Yes, I’ve done this, but just because I’m a tight git.

The only problem is that they are bed in to the camber and the rubber has “moved” according to the forces.
Now you’re changeing them all and it will handle very bad until after the first trackday. The handling will be all over until they are bed in again.

It’s true

Been there done it.

So it would be better if I drove round the track anitclockwise or reversed the whole way?

If it’s dry can I just swap the wheels (I know this isn’t recommended but want to get maximum use from these).
I’ll have to get some new tyres after Mallory then as the left front is down to the wear indicators and the right has another 2mm.
This track day laugh is going to be a very expensive hobby.

Seconded. It took me at least 10 laps on the track to get the slicks to feel right again.