Swap Radical SR3 (road legal) for Exige S2?

Preferably Krypton Green or Orange but other colours considered. Performance pack preferred also (although these seem to be rare).



The SR3 has without doubt provided me with more unforgettable memories that my other previous cars combined. Drive to circuit on road legal tyres and pass trailered, slick shod Caterham R500’s with ease. Only 1300cc (205bhp) so cheap road tax too.

Right idea Ally! Bring it to Crift and see if you can tempt anybody.

The plate must be worth something too.

Good luck!


gotta be a steal for someone…

mmmm… i need more space…

Thanks Ian, Croft sounds like it’ll be a great day but don’t think I can make it myself… barring a crazy last minute decision to head down if all other factors at the time OK. Unlikely though.

Looking forward to reading all the reviews afterwards, epecially how the different engine combos fare.

Rox, you’ve got space for another toy! Seriously this is a bargain now and I feel like i did when I sold my Exige S1, the value will still be high in 2 years and only �25k now - a saving of �17k on new cost. Finding someone to buy something this specialist is not proving easy though so I may end up keeping it although I don’t have time for many trackdays this year so will probably put it into storage, whcih I am loathe to do cause cars should be used. I’d much rather it went to a good home.