Suzuki Hyabusa 1300 cc Convertion

check this site out

i was wondering if any body has tryed this convertion and who can share their experince and if they recomend it or not?


It has been done a loooong time ago by Geary of Eliseparts. Dont know what happened to it in the end as it was sold.

I would steer clear of that one if I were you.

I had heard some rather negative stuff on SELOC too.

so it did not turn out to be a good idea coz i think they use a chain to drive the rear axel

having a chain sounds a little bit dodgy

But with a chain you can change gear ratios (well final drive) in about 5 minutes

can’t see it going round corners to well, unless it has a special diff, slow corners would be a pig because both back wheels will be turning at the same speed

They use a diff…

Often a mini diff machined to take the bike gear with an oil tight housing to hold the oil in…

Same as Radicals etc…

Guys, I’m absolutely convinced that it wasn’t chain driven. Furthermore, I’m fairly certain the engine was positioned longitudinally - I believe that there was the smallest of prop shafts connecting to a diff from the front of an Escort Cosworth. I know Guy Evans (Mr Nitron) fairly well and he helped in the development of the car, some of which was done with the car at his workshop; which was were I saw it. It was mentioned on eliseparts, may still be.

Personally, I can’t see the point of it. It may be a light weight screamer, but without big mods (which you could do to your K, Honda, Duratec etc) it’s less than 200bhp, and bugger all torque - torque that is needed a lot more in an +/-800kg Elise than it is in a 200Kg+ bike or a 450Kg Radical - just my two pennies worth

Next time I’m there I’ll try and find out what happened to it


The Z Cars one is definitely chain drive…

The others could have been longitudinal + shaft though…

i do not see any drive shaft in the pic…something is missing.


I briefly looked into these conversions before going the honda route.
This is a conversion done by holeshot racing, their website is

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