OK got to have something to do over xmas … So …What experience has the collective got over changing wishbone bushes for nylatron ones ? - My suspension needs an overhaul and I want to renew most stuff (ball joints, bushes)and put on the uniball kit.ThanksAndrew

AndyRuss has done all that,& it certainly improves the responsiveness/feel through the steering wheel. Must be the right thing for you to do too [image][/image]I’ve replied, as I know Russ is mad busy workwise this week - his last before he jets off to see sunshine etc. [image][/image]


That reminds me, i have a set of nylatron bushes in the garage, must get them installed whilst the car is in bits again [image][/image]

Looks like I know what I’m doing over the holiday then, maybe … [image][/image]